About Us

Portrait of pupils looking at globe while listening to teacher during geography lesson

OUR MISSION: A Better Attitude Creates a Better Life.

We believe that by changing your attitude you can change your world, and it is our goal that all employees at Attitude Respect N Manners embody this principle and instill this truth in the children under our care.


EDUCATION: We provide children with OUTSTANDING education & quality childcare, preparing them for higher learning and responsible citizenship. We seek to prepare our children socially, emotionally and academically so that they may be fulfilled individuals who make a positive contribution to family and society.

TEAMWORK: We understand that excellence can be greatly achieved when employees work together to fulfill goals. We believe that we must not only work with each other but also with the parents of the children in our care. We believe that “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD.”

CREATIVITY: We are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that thrives on innovation and creativity as both are essential for EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE in a constantly changing society.

DIVERSITY: We are open to children of ALL NATIONALITIES AND BELIEFS. We represent diversity in our exploration of cultures within our academic endeavors.

TEACHERS: Our staff is highly trained, skilled and dedicated to helping your child reach his or her full potential.

We believe that our center’s excellence is ultimately measured by the quality of staff we possess, which is why we are extremely selective in choosing our teachers.

We conduct background checks and references based on state and local licensing requirements prior to hire.

In addition, all Teachers:

  • Are State certified and meet all state child-care requirement
  • Are Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Receive ongoing training on child-care and extensive training in our standards and curriculum.